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June 2013: Funding for 2013 & 2014

March 2013: WAP Funding Update

February 2013: Funding Weatherization and Mulitfamily Discussions

November 2012: Weatherization Funds and Future

September 2012: Changes to Weatherization Program

August 2012: Congress Sets 2013 WAP & LIHEAP Funding (sort of)

June 2012 #2: ARRA End Dates, Words that Work

June 2012 #1: Layoffs Fueling Bleak Jobs Picture?

April 2012: Future of Home Performance Industry, New WAP Guidance

March 2012: Future of WAP, ARRA Milestone

February 2012: Administration Budget Request: $139 million

January 2012 #2: More on Funding Changes in PY 2012

January 2012 #1: State Plan Changes = Opportunity for Leveraging Projects

November 2011: Giving Thanks For…

August 2011: ARRA Weatherization Delivered on the Promise of Jobs (Again). What’s next for the Workforce?

July 2011: Promising Practices in Multifamily Weatherization

March 2011 Special Edition: NASCSP Mid-Winter Training Conference

February 2011: How to Minimize ‘Call-Backs’ and Un-Funded Work

January 2011: Holidays or Not? DOE Delivered Many Policy Packages 

November 2010: Future Green Jobs

October 2010: Weatherization Keeps Hitting Its Targets

August 2010: ARRA WAP Exceeding Goals with Over 30,000 Homes Weatherized in June

July 2010: Must-Watch for Weatherizers: Obama Administration Thanks YOU!

June 2010: EOS Awarded New W.A.P. ARRA Grant for Leveraging and Performance Assistance

April 2010: EPA Renovator Certification for Many Agencies and Workers Needed by April 22

March 2010: Department of Energy Recently Clarified Four Policies

January 2010: DOE Invites Public Comment on Monthly ARRA Reporting Draft Guidance

December 2009: Coming Soon! Revised Davis-Bacon Wage Determinations for WAP

November/December 2009: Leaders in Energy-Efficiency and Green Community Development Prepare for the Emerging Green Economy at the NCAF-CIF Conference

October 2009: DOE Wants Your Thoughts on T&TA

September 2009: ARRA Funds Reaching American Families