Weatherization Data

Weatherization Appropriations: FY 1980 Through FY 2006 (pdf) (2006)
Weatherization Savings’ Value in FY 2006 (2006)
Weatherization Works For Low-Income Natural Gas Customers (pdf) (2005)

Leveraging Data

Weatherization PLUS Other Efficiency and Housing Investments Delivered by Local Weatherizers in PY 2000 (pdf) (2003)

Energy Burden Data

SE Region Weatherization Partnerships: Isn’t It About Time? (ppt) (2006)
Low-Income Consumers’ Energy Bills and Burdens in 2006 (pdf) (2006)
FY 2006 Energy Bills Forecast: The Impact on Low-Income Consumers (Mid-Winter 2005-2006 Review) (pdf) (2006)
Five Year Index of Change: LIHEAP at Senate Level v. Fuel Prices FY 2002 – FY 2006 (pdf) (2005)
Energy Bills and Burdens by Region: 2001 (pdf) (2005)
October 2005: Low-Income Consumers’ Energy Bills and Their Impact in 2006 (pdf) (2005)
Predicted 2004 Gasoline Price Increases Mean Low-Income Drivers Must Cut Travel or Lose Real Disposable Household Income (pdf) (2004)
Poverty Trends for Workers and their Families in 2004: EOS interprets the 2005 Census Report (pdf) (2004)
Highlights: The 2005 Energy bills of Low-Income Consumers (pdf) (2004)
The 2005 Energy Bills of Low-Income Consumers, the Resources Available to Help Pay Them, and Their Impact on Household Budgets (pdf) (2004)
Press Release 2004: Low-Income Consumers’ Energy Bills Grew Faster Than Their Incomes In Recent Years (pdf) (2004)
Low-Income Consumers’ Energy Bills And Energy Savings in 2003 And FY 2004 (2004)
2003 Energy Bills and Burdens, by Income and Region (2004)
2001 Energy Consumers Spent More for Less Energy (2004)
Utility Shutoffs in 1997 and Beyond… (pdf) (2001)
Mid-Atlantic Electricity Consumers’ Bills and Energy Burdens, 1997 (pdf) (2001)
Residential Energy Bills and Burdens Rose from 1997 to 2001 in the Mountain West (pdf) (2001)
Bills and Energy Burdens of Fuel Oil Users in the Northeast (pdf) (1999)
Florida and New York 1997: Low-Income Electricity Usage and Expenditures (pdf) (1999)
New York State: Energy Burden of Those Eligible for Low Income Heating Assistance 1997 (pdf) (1999)
Affordable Housing and Section 8 Utility Allowances: (Part 1: Adequacy of Annual Allowances; Part 2: Adequacy of Monthly Allowances) (pdf) (1993)

Recovery Act/Ramp-Up Resources

EOS’s Alaska Ramp-Up Case Study (pdf) (2009)
EOS’s Wisconsin Ramp-Up Case Study (pdf) (2009)
Ready for Recovery: Arizona (pdf) (2009)
Ready for Recovery: Idaho (pdf) (2009)
Ready for Recovery: Louisiana (pdf) (2009)
Ready for Recovery: Montana (pdf) (2009)
Ready for Recovery: New Hampshire (pdf) (2009)
Ready for Recovery: Ohio (pdf) (2009)
Ready for Recovery: Wisconsin (pdf) (2009)
New Union, Green-Collar Jobs in Minnesota (pdf) (2009)
Unemployed HVAC Contractor Finds His Future in the Utah WAP Thanks to ARRA (pdf) (2009)
Two Women On the Weatherization Path to Green-Collar Careers in New York (2009)
Two Women On the Weatherization Path to Green-Collar Careers in New York (2009)
Promoting Your Recovery Act Project – EOS brief guide to putting the Recovery Act logo on your project and more. (pdf) (2009)