This page is the link to descriptions and analyses of most the WeatherizationPlus programs that leverage utility funds.  It includes only programs coordinated with state or local DOE Weatherization programs. The purpose is to offer examples of program design and management and the results of alternative designs, where known.

Who Should Use These Tables?

Weatherization and utility program managers, regulators and legislative staff; in fact, anyone who wants to learn about the effects of alternative models of utility-Weatherization partnerships.

How to Use the Tables:

  • Each table shows certain features of the same utility programs organized in the same order.
  • We have analysis, history and additional information about some of the more unique and/or interesting  program features features
  • You can click linked text to see more extensive discussion, links to source documents, and more resources.
  • You can click on any of the states listed here to view only the text describing program features of interest.

How to Add to our Network’s Collection of Leveraging Expertise:

This catalog is updated when we have enough information about programs; however many programs are posted with partial or historic data. We are always updating this resource; please share aditional information, insights and updates about programs known to you. Use this form: More About a Leveraged Utility Program, or call us at (202) 628 4900.