From our April 20, 2015 newsletter.

Our new report: Partnering with Owners of Affordable Multi-family Housing

“Today, the EOS Weatherization Leveraged Partnerships Project released a report intended to help Weatherization organizations expand their multifamily partnerships, leverage owners’ own financing and expand opportunities for WAP workers. The report – Building Energy Efficiency Partnerships for Affordable Multifamily Housing includes these tools:  

  • New financing sources, both government and private, designed for owners of assisted and affordable housing to fund energy and other upgrades how they are accessed; 

  • The information, skills and project management expertise building owners need from your team;

  • Lists of potential new partners – projects and properties approved for new financing and/or due for rehab and upgrades – by address and owner; 

  • Utility program campaigns by affordable housing groups that may affect your existing utility program that are seeking Weatherizers’ support; 

  • State and local public policy changes that need your support to create more demand for WAP services; and 

  • Analysis of some much-publicized efficiency funding concepts that helps separate the useful from the merely hoped-for. 

Download the report HERE.  Weatherizers take note: Our first Appendix [A] is a 4-page Guide to the 22-page report telling you why each section is useful as a tool for WAP managers and the practical pointers to look for. 


EOS: What Is ‘Subordinated’ Capital? And Why Is the Weatherization Program Mentioning It? (pdf)

EOS: What Is a Revolving Loan Fund? And Why Is the Weatherization Program Mentioning It? (pdf) – Includes information on common RLF problems, funding for RLFs, Clean Energy Retrofit Revolving Loans, and how to use Clean Energy RLFs for low-income community projects.

EOS: What Is a Loan Loss Reserve Fund? And, What Is Its Potential for Financing Low-Income Weatherization? (pdf) – Topics covered in this paper include: an overview of LRF, information on LRF implementation and benefits, Clean Energy Retrofit Loan-LRFs under SEP, leveraging for efficiency projects, how to use Clean Energy LRFs, and common issues with LRF.

EOS: Glossary of Energy Efficiency Financing Tools (pdf) – This glossary contains descriptions of various financing tools plus information on FHA supported loan programs along with links to other helpful resources.

EOS: What is a Property Assessed Clean Energy Bond? Why is it important to Weatherizers? (pdf) – This brief includes an introduction to PACE and breakdown of three essential elements of PACE programs.

EOS: How to become a Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) (pdf) – This overview of CHDO contains information on its characteristics, related home regulations, a CHDO checklist along with links to other helpful resources on this topic.

Promising Leveraging Opportunities through Healthy Homes – An initiative to coordinate resources for energy, health, and safety in low-income homes by partnering with HUD, CDC, and EPA.

Partnerships with Multifamily Building Owners

EOS: Managing Multifamily Weatherization: Good Practices – Summary of several good practices and lessons learned regarding six challenges weatherizing multifamily residences during the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).

EOS: Community and Economic Development Association of Cook County, Incorporated (CEDA) – This case study covers CEDA, the largest WAP sub-grant, and its use in: identifying properties eligible for WAP funding; developing partnerships for WAP delivery; and ramping up staff and technical resources.

EOS: Action for Boston Community Development, Inc. (ABCD) – ABCD practices that multifamily building Weatherizers may find helpful including: identify target buildings; pre-assessment tools and techniques; handling of contractor issues; landlord agreements.

Local Programs

  • New Sources of Flexible Housing Repair and Rehab – Bob Jones, WI CAA (ppt)
  • Weatherization Plus Sun and Wind: Model Local Projects – Coastal Community Action Program (WA) (ppt)
  • W.A.P. Plus Affordable Rural Housing – (NECAC Missouri) (pdf)
  • W.A.P. Plus Affordable Housing – Funding Sources – (NECAC Missouri) (pdf)
  • Affordable Housing Research
  • NCAT’s "Smart Communities" page