Congressional Spending Agreement Boosts Weatherization

We are passing along the great year-end package delivered in today’s CAP FACTS by National Community Action Foundation.

.. A piece of good news concerns our Weatherization Program. As you know, the current 2015 funding is almost $193 million, of which $190 million goes to the states. … [The Omnibus Bill] provides $215 million and — $211 million will go to the states. … getting comfortably over $200 million is definitive progress. [EOS note: a nearly 9% increase exceeds the boost of most domestic programs in the Bill.]

In addition, NCAF reports LIHEAP is funded at the 2015 level of $3.39 billion [despite threats to the program because of falling prices] and the Community Services Block Grant which funds 80% of WAP subgrantees’ core operations is increased by 6%.

2016 will bring many challenges and opportunities for WAP partnerships and innovation. The Congressional expression of confidence this Bill demonstrates and the forward momentum should provide us all with some needed holiday cheer and optimism.

EOS wishes all our colleagues and friends a restful holiday and renewed/renewable personal energy for your important work!

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