Q: What Is The 2015 Local WAP Network? A: Community Action Agencies, Plus!

In Program Year 2015, state Weatherization offices have selected 757 local subgrantees to deliver the Weatherization investments to low-income homes and awarded them a total of $187,037,463 from 2015 and prior year funds. More than three quarters (76%) will be awarded to local Community Action Agencies [CAAs].

The 58 states’ and territories plans’ identified 757 subgrantees, of which 592, 78%, were CAAs. The other categories of subgrantee organization and their resources are:

  • 102 other non-profit agencies, not CAAs, with 16% of funds,
  • 61 units of local government or Councils of governments with 7% of funds and
  • 8 Indian tribes.

Only nine states – Arkansas, Colorado, District of Columbia, Delaware, Kansas, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, and Wyoming – had less than 50% of their DOE funding allotted to CAAs. See our more detailed report on the 2015 local network online.

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