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Anaheim Public Utilities - Low-Interest Energy Efficiency Loan Program; Nonprofit, Multi-Family Residential Anaheim Public Utilities offers low-cost financing for energy efficiency measures through State Assistance Fund.

Anaheim Public Utilities will provide a free energy audit and analysis as required by SAFE-BIDCO to identify and verify energy uses and needs, and evaluate the feasibility of potential measures to improve efficiency.

Small businesses, some landlords and nonprofit organizations can apply; in general, an applicant must not have a net worth in excess of $6 million nor have average net income in excess of $2 million. The loan covers measures that conserve, produce, or control energy use in new or existing facilities, including Weatherization.

Anaheim Public Utilities
Energy Efficiency Loan Program
Anaheim City Hall

200 S. Anaheim Blvd.
Anaheim, CA 92805
Phone: (714) 765-4259
Phone 2: (800) 273-8637
E-Mail: elasley@anaheim.net
Web Site: http://www.anaheim.net/utilities/adv_svc_prog/residential_rehabilitation/index.pdf


  SCE - Non-Residential On-Bill Financing Program; Commercial, Industrial, Nonprofit, Schools, Local Government, State Government, Tribal Government, Fed. Government, Multi-Family Residential, Agricultural, Institutional The program is open to all non-residential customers, including owners of multi-family units who do not live on premises. Participants must have had an active account for the past two years and good credit standing as determined by the Utility. The funds may be used for a wide variety of efficiency improvement projects, and the monthly loan payments will be added directly to the customer's bill. Monthly energy savings help to offset the monthly loan charges. Review the program web site for additional information.

Southern California Edison Business Incentives & Services
P.O. Box 300
Rosemead, CA 91772-0001
Phone: (800) 736-4777
E-Mail: BusinessIncentives@sce.com
Web Site: http://www.sce.com/business/onbill/on-bill-financing.htm


  SDG&E - Non-Residential On-Bill Financing Program Commercial, Industrial, Nonprofit, Schools, Local Government, State Government, Tribal Government, Fed. Government, Multi-Family Residential, Agricultural, Institutional The program is open to all non-residential customers, including owners of multi-family units who do not live on premises. Participants must have had an active account for the past two years and good credit standing as determined by the Utility. The funds may be used for a wide variety of efficiency improvement projects, and the monthly loan payments will be added directly to the customer's bill. Monthly energy savings help to offset the monthly loan charges.

San Diego Gas & Electric

P.O. Box 129831
San Diego, CA 92112-9831
Phone: (800) 411-7343 Ext.6
Phone 2: (800) 644-6133
E-Mail: sdgeobf@semprautilities.com
Web Site: http://www.sdge.com


  SMUD - Commercial Energy Efficiency Loan Program; Multi-Family Residential Amount: Multi-Family: up to $10,000; Sacramento Municipal Utility District offers low-interest loans to help commercial customers finance energy efficient equipment in eligible facilities. Generally, loans are extended to vested owners of a property. The applicable interest rate is currently at 6.99%; however this may be subject to change. Customers have up to ten years to repay the loan.

Sacramento Municipal Utility District
6201 S Street
PO Box 15830
Sacramento, CA 95852-1830
Phone: (888) 742-7683
Phone 2: (877) 622-7683
Web Site: https://www.smud.org/en/index.htm


Florida Gainesville Regional Utilities- Low-Interest Energy Efficiency Loan Program The loan is fixed at six percent annual interest rate for qualified applicants and subject to approval. In order to be eligible the customer must be a GRU electric customer. Improvements are only available for existing owner occupied residential dwellings including single family residences, mobile homes, duplexes, triplexes, and quadruplexes.

Gainesville Regional Utilities

PO Box 147117
Station A114
Gainesville, FL 32614
Phone: (352) 393-1460
Web Site: http://www.gru.com


Idaho Idaho Falls Power - Residential Weatherization Loan Program Residential customers with permanently installed electric heat who receive service from the City of Idaho Falls, are eligible for 0% weatherization loans. City Energy Service will conduct an energy audit, and participants can then finance and install energy conservation measures. Payment is made to the Contractor by Idaho Falls Power, and the participant pays any costs in excess of the program loan amount. The amount paid to the contractor by Idaho Falls Power will then be added to the customer's utility bill and will be payable in equal monthly installments.

Residential customers can also apply for energy efficient appliance and heat pump loans with Idaho Falls Power.

Idaho Falls Power

PO Box 50220
Idaho Falls, ID 83405
Phone: (208) 612-8143
Web Site: http://www.idahofallsidaho.gov/


Kansas Midwest Energy (Gas and Electric) - How$mart Energy Efficiency Finance Program Commercial, Residential, Nonprofit, Local Government, State Government, Fed. Government, Multi-Family Residential, Midwest Energy offers its residential and small commercial electricity and natural gas customers in good standing a way to finance energy efficiency improvements on eligible properties. Under the How$mart on-bill financing program, the utility will pay the initial cost of making energy efficiency improvements, then recoup the cost of these improvements through a surcharge on the customer's bill.

Midwest Energy

1330 Canterbury
Hays, KS 67601
Phone: (800) 222-3121
Phone 2: (785) 625-1474
Web Site: http://www.mwenergy.com/Default.aspx


Kentucky Mountain Association for Community Economic Development - HowSmartKY On-Bill Financing Energy Efficiency Program Multi-Family Residential Four rural utility cooperatives in Eastern Kentucky (Big Sandy RECC, Fleming-Mason RECC, Grayson RECC, and Jackson Energy) work with MACED to provide energy retrofits as part of utility service under the KY Energy Retrofit Rider.

After installation, How$martKY will allow customers to make installment payments as part of their monthly utility bills, gradually paying for the efficiency upgrades by using part of the energy savings generated by the retrofit. Customers are expected to see savings on utility bills. Charges remain with the property and not the customer, to accommodate all classes of utility customers.

Mountain Association for Community Economic Development (MACED)

433 Chestnut Street
Berea, KY 40403
Phone: (859) 986-2373
Fax: (859) 986-1299
Web Site: http://maced.org/index.htm


Massachusetts Holyoke Gas & Electric - Commercial Energy Efficiency Loan Program Commercial, Industrial, Multi-Family Residential Holyoke Gas & Electric Commercial Assistance Program offers a zero interest loan to its commercial customers who are making energy efficient improvements to facilities. The applicant must obtain cost estimates from contractors before turning in the application. The payback period of the loan is flexible depending on the amount of assistance requested but cannot be more than a 5 year period.

Eligible energy efficient measures include (but are not limited to): lighting improvements; installation or upgrading of gas fired boilers, furnaces, conversion burners, water heaters, and central air conditioning systems; and weatherization upgrades. Participating facilities must receive gas or electric service from Holyoke Gas & Electric in order to qualify. More information regarding terms and eligible measures is located on the program application.

Holyoke Gas and Electric Department
99 Suffolk Street
Holyoke , MA 01040
Phone: (413) 536-9300
Phone 2: (877) 742-5443
Web Site: http://www.hged.com


  Holyoke Gas & Electric - Residential Energy Efficiency Loan Program Residential, Multi-Family Residential The Holyoke Gas & Electric (HG&E) Residential Energy Efficiency Program provides residential customers with loans to help make energy saving improvements on eligible homes. The loan provides 0% interest assistance and is repayable over up to 5 years and charged to the customer's monthly HG&E bill.

Holyoke Gas & Electric
99 Suffolk St
Holyoke, MA 01040
Phone: (413) 536-9300
Web Site: http://www.hged.com/
  MassSAVE - Financing for Business Program Business customers of Berkshire Gas, Cape Light Compact, Columbia Gas of Massachusetts, National Grid, New England Gas Company, NSTAR, Unitil and Western Massachusetts Electric Company may be eligible for low-interest financing to help increase the energy efficiency of their businesses and nonprofits. Customers must have a qualifying project that is pre-approved by the local utility or energy efficiency provider and must use a pre-approved lender. A list of participating lenders is available on the program web site.

HEAT Loan Program
Boston, MA
Phone: (866) 527-7283


Missouri Laclede Gas Company - Loan Programs for Energy Efficiency Residential, Low-Income Residential The Insulation Financing Program loans funds to qualifying residential customers who meet standard credit requirements for insulation improvements to homes, up to $2,000 at a 3% interest rate. Any leftover funds may be used for the purchase of storm windows and doors. To apply, contact Laclede Gas.

In addition, in conjunction with the St. Louis Office of the Association of Community Organization for Reform Now (ACORN), the EnergyWise Dealer Program has been expanded to include low-income residential rental property managers. A qualifying property manager can qualify for a no-interest loan, with no loan inspection costs and a reimbursement on the down payment. Contact ACORN at (314) 531-7023 for more information and applications.

Laclede Gas Company

720 Olive Street
St. Louis, MO 63101
Phone: (314) 621-6960
Phone 2: (800) 887-4173
Web Site: http://www.lacledegas.com/index.html


New Hampshire Unitil (Electric) - Residential Energy Efficiency Loan Program Residential, Construction, Installer/Contractor, Multi-Family Residential, Low-Income Residential Unitil offers its New Hampshire residential customers a no interest loan program to encourage more energy efficient homes. The loan agreement specified monthly charges and repayment period for loans between $500-$7500 and up to 7 years. Participants may pay any remaining balance of loans to Unitil at any time without penalty. Late payment charges may apply if monthly costs are not covered. Customers are eligible as long as they have not received a disconnect notice from Unitil in the last year and own the property where efficiency measures are installed. Contact Unitil for more information on this offering.

Unitil Energy Systems
One McGuire Street
Concord, NH 03301
Phone: (800) 852-3339


Oregon EWEB - Residential Energy Efficiency Loan Programs Residential, Multi-Family Residential Eugene Water and Electric Board (EWEB) assists residential customers in financing energy efficiency improvements through a variety of loan programs. Zero interest loans of varying amounts and repayment periods are available for air-source, ductless, and geothermal heat pumps, and weatherization measures including window replacements, insulation upgrades and duct and air sealing. Generally, eligible homes must have permanently installed electric heat as their primary heating source. For additional information and program details consult the web site listed above of contact EWEB directly.

Eugene Water & Electric Board

P.O. Box 10148
Eugene, OR 97440
Phone: (541) 484-1125 Ext.3074
Phone 2: (541) 685-7000
Web Site: http://www.eweb.org


  Lane Electric Cooperative - Residential Energy Efficiency Loan Programs Residential, Multi-Family Residential Lane Electric provides 0% loans to residents for the installation of efficient heat pumps and weatherization measures through the Home Energy Loan Program. Participating single or multi-family residences with permanently installed electric heat are eligible to apply for 0% interest loans up to $9,000 through either Pacific Cascade Federal Credit Union or First Tech Credit Union. The banks charge an interest rate on loans, but Lane Electric buys the interest rate down to 0%. In order to qualify for the loan, members must first request an energy analysis for the dwelling from Lane Electric.

Lane Electric Cooperative
787 Bailey Hill Road
PO Box 21410
Eugene, OR 97402
Phone: (541) 484-1151
Fax: (541) 484-7316
Web Site: http://www.laneelectric.com/


Texas Austin Energy - Residential Energy Efficiency Residential, Multi-Family Residential Austin Energy offers three types of loans to residential customers to finance energy efficient improvements in eligible homes. The "Home Energy Improvements Loan" (Option One) can be used to complete suggested weatherization measures, conduct duct testing and improve duct systems, and upgrade HVAC systems. The minimum loan is $1,500 and the maximum loan is $15,000 for single-family homes and duplexes. Terms vary depending on the length of the loan. The "Residential Options Measures" (Option Two) loan covers HVAC replacements, duct testing and duct system improvement, insulation, window films or solar screens, and radiant barrier installations. The minimum loan is $1,500 and the maximum is $15,000 for single-family homes and duplexes. Option Three allows for a combination of several measures in one energy efficiency project. Under this loan offering, the minimum loan is $1,500 and the maximum loan is $20,000. Loan forms can be found on the program web site listed or by following links provided here. Note: residential customers can utilize either rebate programs or loan programs, not both.

Austin Energy
721 Barton Springs
Austin, TX 78704-1194
Phone: (512) 974-7827
Fax: (512) 482-5450
Web Site: http://www.austinenergy.com/index.htm


Vermont Vermont Gas - Residential Energy Efficiency Loan and Rebate Program Residential, Multi-Family Residential, Low-Income ResidentialVermont Gas customers whose homes have used at least 0.5 Ccf per square foot of natural gas over the past year are eligible for this program, as are multi-family buildings. Typical measures include blown-in cellulose insulation for walls and ceilings and specific air sealing measures designed to make houses less drafty. In some cases, heating system and distribution improvements are also recommended. Typically, Vermont Gas will rebate one third of the installed cost of the recommended measures and provide a reduced interest loan through the Opportunities Credit Union for the remaining balance. Currently, customers are offered loans at 0% interest for up to 3 years, 2% interest for up to 5 years, or 4% interest for up to 10 years. Low income customers will be referred to the Champlain Valley Weatherization Service (CVWS) for enhanced incentives.

Vermont Gas
P.O. Box 467
South Burlington, VT 05403
Phone: (802) 863-4511
Web Site: http://www.vermontgas.com/


Virginia TVA Partner Utilities - Energy Right Heat Pump Program ��The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) energy right Heat Pump Plan provides financing to promote the installation of high efficiency heat pumps in homes and small businesses. Installation, performance, and weatherization standards ensure the appropriate sizing of equipment and operation of the system. TVA maintains a Quality Contractor Network (QCN) from which customers can choose an installer. Through a third-party lender, TVA provides financing for residential heat pumps with repayment on the customer?s electric bill and a term of up to 10 years. The programs are independently administered by local power companies served by TVA.

Tennessee Valley Authority
400 W. Summit Hill Dr.
Knoxville, TN 37902-1499
Phone: (865) 632-2101
Web Site: http://www.energyright.com/


Washington Clark Public Utilities - Residential - Loan Program Weatherization Residential Loans of up to $15,000 at a 5.25% interest are available through Clark Public Utilities' Weatherization Loan Program. The loans can pay for the average local cost of eligible measures, based on recently completed projects. Customers have up to seven years to repay the loans, but monthly payments will be at least $25. The utility charges a $225 or $350 loan set-up fee, depending on the loan amount, which can be paid up front or folded into the loan. Customers will be billed monthly for loan payments, separate from energy bills. Customers pay the weatherization contractor directly for optional measures or extra costs not eligible for financing. Loans are not transferable and subject to credit approval.

Clark Public Utilities
1200 Fort Vancouver Way
P.O. Box 8900
Vancouver, WA 98668
Phone: (360) 992-3355
Fax: (360) 992-3038
Web Site: http://www.clarkpublicutilities.com


  Clallam County PUD - Residential and Small Business Efficiency Loan Program - Loan Program Commercial, Residential In conjunction with First Federal Savings and Loan, Clallam County PUD offers residential and small commercial customers a low-interest loan program for energy efficient improvements. There is no application fee and Clallam County PUD covers the loan fee. A list of eligible measures for the loan program is located on the program web site. A customer may use this loan program in conjunction with the energy efficiency rebates that are also offered by Clallam County PUD. Loans are available for existing site built and manufactured homes as well as for small commercial businesses served by Clallam County PUD. Interested customers should contact Clallam County PUD or visit the program website for more information on how to apply for the loan program.

Utility Services Department
PUD #1 of Clallam County
P.O. Box 1090
Port Angeles, WA 98362
Phone: (360) 565-3249
Fax: (360) 452-9724
E-Mail: info@clallampud.net



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