The EOS 2014 Leveraging Low-Income Energy Partnerships Conference

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June 25, 2014

A Weatherization PLUS SPECIAL

Economic Opportunity Studies, Inc.  |

On August 6-7, 2014 
Attend the 
The EOS 2014 Leveraging Low-Income Energy Partnerships

EOS has designed an unprecedented interactive experience for professionals who design and deliver weatherization and other energy affordability programs. You will have two choices:

  • Come to an intimate Washington, DC event and meet speakers and peers in the conventional manner and interact with on-line attendees nationwide,


  • Connect online to the simulcast sessions using our customized interactive tools and ALSO, like an on-site meeting, connect with the other attendees, those online and those at the DC meeting, without the pesky burden of costly travel.

The Partnerships Conference is designed to bring weatherization and community action energy professionals and their private partners a deep understanding of the changing resources and practices in the energy services markets and public programs, including important developments in the utility markets and regulation.  
Our presenters are drawn from influential national organizations in the field and from leadership of our programs.  Each will examine the impact of changes on the network’s programs and on vulnerable energy consumers.  Every session will explore the opportunities for new resources to link to our programs.

Registration will open soon with additional details.  Save these dates and visit our conference website!

Tentative Agenda
Events run from 11 AM – 6PM EDT [to accommodate attendees on both coasts] 

Plenary Sessions

  • The Utility of the Future: What happens to Energy Efficiency and Low-Income Bills?
  • The Home Performance Industry: How does WAP. stack up to the private sector now? Will it create jobs for WAP-trained workers? Demand for services of WAP crews?
  • Washington update: elections 2014 and energy policy

Plenary Panels

  • The impact of the EPA coal-reduction rule on utility rates and programs –how to protect low-income consumers.
  • What is the ideal Energy Affordability Program? What policy and rules changes go with it?
  • Winning a Larger Share of Ratepayer Efficiency Funds for Low-Income Retrofits: How To’s

Breakout Sessions

  • What can Local Weatherizers Offer Owners of Assisted Multi-Family Housing? And Vice Versa.
  • What Home Performance Quality Assurances Are Needed To Win More Funds From Homeowners, Funders And Taxpayers?
  • Foundations, Mission-Based Investors and Their Growing Investments in Efficient, Affordable Housing and Sustainable Community Development: What and Who Wins Their Investments? 
  • Meet Environmental Groups In Search Of Common Ground And Partnerships With Your Low Income Communities And Your Programs

Networking Sessions
Time blocks are reserved for participants nationwide to interact with each other, to find colleagues with expertise to share and probably find new friends. 
All will be introduced to some simple apps for use in these events.
On-line participants will be provided with tools suited to their internet connection speed and with training in how to make this event more ‘real’ and productive than any other.

Brief Disclaimer: This event is a product of EOS’ Weatherization Leveraged Partnerships Project which has support from the US Department of Energy Weatherization Assistance Program. The Department of Energy is not responsible for the content or delivery of the event.


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