June 9, 2014 Newsletter

June 9, 2014 Newsletter

Weatherization Plus News: Funding 2015 and more
June 9, 2014 - Version II

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Did You Know? Weatherization Assistance is, or was recently, a $959 Million Program!

The EOS Leveraged Partnerships Project tracks non-federal resources and LIHEAP that are coordinated with WAP by state or local WAP agencies.  In calendar year 2013, we estimate that the network delivered services with over $959 million. Along with about $237 million in DOE base funds from various years and ARRA closeout, $332.6 million came from utility ratepayer-funded initiatives and greenhouse gas exchanges; $321.7 million was from LIHEAP transfers and $68 million from states’ tax or fee revenues. The graph below shows the contribution from each source.

While the leveraged funding sources are generally continuing or growing in 2014,  shrinkage in WAP funding and delays mean that the calendar year spending may drop by over $100 million, leaving WAP at about 15% of the integrated programs.

The experience of managing multiple sources and uses of energy retrofit funds is not shared nationwide.  Some state’s local agencies have ten-fold leveraged funds to WAP or even more, while some other states have less funding from leveraged funds than from WAP. EOS will soon be publishing a more in-depth look at the variety of practices and experiences with winning , managing and keeping leveraged funds in the post-ARRA environment.


Free EOS Webinar
June 12 at 2:30 -3:45 EDT/11:30 -12:45 PST

Low-Income Consumers’ Energy Bills
and Energy Burdens Today

Joel F. Eisenberg, Research Manager Oak Ridge National Laboratory [ORNL]

This webinar will explore the new analysis by Eisenberg which was recently released by ORNL. It found that the percent of income the average consumer eligible for Weatherization Assistance pays , his or her ‘energy burden', remains very high, over 16%, because of increases in prices at a time of decrease in real incomes.  It also showcases the substantial differences among low-income households regarding energy use and cost. 

Read it all here   http://1.usa.gov/SzHtuK  and/or join the discussion next Thursday.

The numbers and concepts are useful in making the case for resources and smart, targeted program designs.

Weatherization 2015 Funding Bills Advancing

The House Appropriations Subcommittee will consider the 2015 Energy and Water funding bill next Tuesday morning and, thereby, kick off the legislative process for future WAP funding.  Many states still have substantial balances of 2013 funding and applications for the 2014 funding are under review either in the states, or at DOE.



Save the Dates! August 5-7, 2014!

Attend the first-ever

Leveraging Low-Income Energy Resources
VIRTUAL Conference!

Or attend the Leveraging Low-Income Energy Resources Conference on site in Washington DC

EOS is bringing to the affordable energy network of organizations an interactive experience like a conference without the pesky cost and burden of travel .

A small meeting of those who can travel to DC will be joined by hundreds of colleagues nationwide to hear national thought leaders’ presentations of new ideas for funding clean, affordable energy and sustaining communities and of successful innovations. AND, since just “ hearing” is only webinar, we are creating opportunities and tools for attendees to meet each other, exchange interests, hangout and make the connections that should come out of any good conference experience.

More Details next week!



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» Did You Know? Weatherization Assistance is, or was recently, a $959 Million Program!

» Weatherization 2015 Funding Bills Advancing

» Free EOS Webinar June 12 at 2:30 -3:45 EDT/11:30 -12:45 PST



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