John T. Colgan 4-part interview


Conversations with Illinois regulatory commissioner John T. Colgan [Formerly of the Illinois Community Action Association] about advocating for affordable energy policies  and leveraging those policies into new partnerships and resources.  He explains how and why Weatherizers and their community Action partners must stay engaged and looks at some of the issues utility regulators must decide these days.

1. Colgan on his own evolution from family support worker to policy advocate and on the dynamic   power of collective action.

2.Colgan explaining exactly  why formal regulatory testimony is the essential tool for winning at Commissions and contrasting the process to legislating.

Related materials  are in the EOS toolbox at  including more on the  Percent-of-Income-Payment affordability policy Colgan advocates [click the “integrated affordability” tab]

3. Colgan explains how to get started as an advocate.

4. A focused look at the downside of costly renewable energy quotas for utilities and suggestions about alliances with environmental advocates over protections for high-burden consumers.            

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