March Newsletter 3, 2012 Volume 4, Issue 4

3, 2012 Volume 4, Issue 4

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The Future of the Weatherization Program: Resources, Plans and Dreams

Competing and contrary visions of the future of the Department of Energy program emerged in the form of debates on the national stage, even while states and local agencies find ways to manage the last stages of Recovery Act Weatherization.

Future Resources

Funding of $139 million was proposed in the Administration’s Budget for FY 2013. In response, the two national Weatherization organizations proposed alternative, higher figures: $175.4 million by the National Association for State Community Services Programs (NASCSP), the state managers of WAP, and $227.2 million, the 2008 funding level, by the National Community Action Foundation (NCAF) representing local Weatherization organizations. Shortly after, more than five dozen Members of Congress and the Senate signed letters to their respective Appropriations Committees requesting $210 million.

There is no disagreement, however, that the appropriations process in Congress will be very long and may not end until after the November presidential election.

Energy Secretary Chu defended the Administration’s Budget for a reduced 2013 WAP in front of the Senate Energy committee and the Senate Appropriations Energy and Water Subcommittee. The reductions were challenged by Sen. Bernard Sanders (I-Vermont), Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) and Sen. Jack Reed (D-RI). See the Senators defend Weatherization funding at these links: Sanders, Collins, Reed.

Past Performance: Secretary Chu Gives ARRA WAP an "A-"

700,000 ARRA Homes and Growing

The Administration strongly defended the performance of the Recovery Act Weatherization Program in the face of a withering report from the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. Secretary Chu, testifying on March 20, disputed the Committee’s conclusion that, "The Department’s $5 billion Weatherization Assistance Program is a stunning example of wasted billions of taxpayer dollars." See his exchange with Committee Members.

Plans and Dreams

The informal Weatherization PLUS 2015 committee of state, local, private, and federal representatives invited by DOE met in person for the first time March 20 and 21 to brainstorm about the form of the Weatherization Assistance Program in 2015 and beyond. While this process will provide input into the DOE strategic plan, it is also intended for the WAP network to use to map its course. The group may identify the changes in statute, rules, or policy that would be needed to achieve the goals of a 21st century program.

Within a month, participants on the committee will have written material to share with their colleagues; everyone interested will be asked to imagine and to strategize concerning best use of the extraordinary human, technical, fiscal, and community resources that are linked in the modern-day program.

Brainstorms of the Weatherization PLUS Committee, 3/20/12.

A key element of every innovative proposal discussed: new partnerships leveraging more resources.


Create Content and Game Formats for Your Training

Use the DOE-funded Tools; Test Them Now!

Use the National Training and Resource Center (NTER) tool which can be learned by anyone with moderate computer skills and build an online training module for any purpose. Some possibilities: online testing for weatherization workers, a suite of typical paperwork tasks that administrative staff must use in your programs, Or embed a wide range of uploaded files in each existing module such as documents, spreadsheets, power point, audio and video.

Watch the one hour presentation for the WAP Trainers’ Consortium, and then play with the tool; the estimated time to learn the tool is 4 hours.

Help DOE Get Multifamily Work Specifications RIGHT

The comment period for Multifamily Standard Work Specifications (SWS) is open through a National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) portal until 5/4/2012. The Department of Energy is eager for Weatherization professionals with experience in multifamily applications to review the proposed specs and to offer their insights and comments. Download the proposed standards.

The Newsletter of Economic Opportunity Studies’ Weatherization PLUS Leveraging Partnership Project brings timely information about developments that expand the Weatherization Assistance Program to help your organization take advantage of emerging opportunities. Visit the Weatherization PLUS portal for more information.

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In This Issue:

» Future of Weatherizaiton
» 700K ARRA-WAP Homes
» Resource: WAP Home Performance Webinar
» Resource: NTER Training Tools
» Opportunity: Multifamily Specifications
» Green Jobs Connection
» American Job Center

Getting Started on "Leveraging"

Leveraging is using the resources of the program and its organizations, such as people, time, skills, good reputation and funding, to attract more complementary resources.

Are you just starting your leveraging efforts? has many resources to get you started:

NEW: Why We Leverage – A podcast with Steve Payne

Leveraging Basics

Utility Leveraged Programs

Housing Finance-Related Tools

Fee-for-Service Weatherization Enterprise

‘Green’ Technology Resources

What leveraging tools should our (free) webinars offer to help you? Write us here.

Green Jobs Connection

BPI, in partnership with  NCAF and NASCSP, has created a Green Jobs Connection site where employers can seek BPI-certified workers to join their teams.

American Job Center

The American Job Center is not fully up and running yet, but the administration has begun aggregating some resources for individuals and employers. This resource may become increasingly helpful as Weatherization workers become displaced.

Quick Resources

NCAF and Efficiency First Webinar: Marketing Home Performance Services to Earn Agency Income: "Weatherization to Home Performance: Tools and Tips for Delivering For-Profit Business" is the title of this recorded webinar featuring community action and private home performance experts. Follow this 94-min. conversation among experts on the similarities and differences between delivering WAP and succeeding in the private residential retrofit market. Especially useful for those considering a fee-for-service enterprise. The webinar is 1:34 hour long and can be accessed free.

2012 DOE WAP Orientation presentations: available on WAPTAC

2012 NASCSP Mid-Winter Conference Presentations: available on WAPTAC

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