August Newsletter 8, 2011 Volume 3, Issue 6

8, 2011 Volume 3, Issue 6

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ARRA Weatherization Delivered on the Promise of Jobs (Again). What’s next for the Workforce?

Once again, W.A.P. reported the seventh-largest number of jobs among all ARRA-funded programs; 14,451 FTE jobs were filled in the 2nd quarter of 2011. This probably means more than 20,000 individuals were at work. W.A.P. created more jobs than any other Department of Energy program. However, there had been a few hundred more W.A.P. jobs in the 1st quarter.

Ups and Downs: Many big grantees were still growing. New York added 229 FTEs, Texas added 193 followed by Puerto Rico with 153, and California and Massachusetts with over 90 apiece.

Yet, the end of the ARRA period is very close for other states. Minnesota lost 502 WAP jobs followed by Ohio (231), Illinois (195), Maine (170), and Wisconsin (103). Smaller programs like Idaho, Nevada and Hawaii programs are shedding workers but their W.A.P. workforce is small. Several of these states still have carry-over from 2010 regular funding or leveraged resources; those jobs will not be counted.

Why isn’t the public aware of our success/asking for more Weatherization program resources and jobs? As ARRA funding winds down, few states have a robust homebuilding industry market to employ W.A.P.’s skilled workers. Publicizing the layoffs and closeout with on-camera ceremonies to thank the workers, recommend them and their new skills to the industry and public might help end cynicism about ARRA and get them new work. Letting workers and contractors tell about working for W.A.P. -even better.

Send your ideas about public messaging and creating new job openings and we will publish them in a new online resource section. For ideas about generating new private demand for efficiency services see our Fee-for-Service issue paper. For how-to’s on attracting more utility funding consider the resources from our Utility Partnerships page, and let us know what else would help you.


Federal Financing for Affordable Multifamily Housing Green Retrofits

Many Weatherizers have a new interest in multifamily Weatherization. A variety of federal financial options and loan programs are currently available to not-for-profits, whether your organization is providing weatherization services for green retrofits, constructing new affordable housing, exploring rural renewable energy development, and/or owns affordable multifamily properties. Two EOS papers list some of the resources, familiar and new.

One is an overview of federal funding financing from USDA, HUD and Fannie Mae; the other is a more detailed review of Fannie Mae’s "Green Refinance Plus" initiative.

‘Fess Up! Which One of You Readers Completed ARRA Home #500,000?

Sometime in the past month, some local Weatherization agency inspected and passed a home that was made the ARRA production total one half million homes. Consider the data:

  • DOE reports show 484,442 home completed by June 30. (Which is about 110% of the planned target for 6/30)
  • Production was running between 24,900 and 27,000 from April through June. Sometime in July, the additional 15,558 homes needed to reach 500,000 were signed off and reported to DOE. Was it your agency’s?


Production is under budget and, at the current pace, many more homes will be weatherized than the 601,000 promised – will yours be the 602,000th? Ideas about claiming the credit due are always welcome. Meanwhile, keep on weatherizing those homes every second of the working day! And congratulations!


Interested in learning more about Sustainable Communities and how your Agency might participate?

If so, check out this webinar TODAY or download it afterwards.

What: Sustainable Communities Grant Program: Making Equity in Housing, Transportation, and Jobs the Heart of Your Region’s Application – Join PolicyLink, HUD, and leading regional planners to discuss best equity practices to drive planning and investments in housing, energy, health, environment, and infrastructure needs.

When: Wednesday August 17, 2:00-3:00 pm EDT

Webinar Registration

Clean Energy Technologies for Communities Webinar

What: A series of Smart Planning Webinars are being sponsored by the Foundation for Future. Presented by: Smart Planning for a Green Future

Brief: Energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies offer communities a host of benefits. Gain a close-up look at the technology options, including those available now or near term and others to plan for in the future.

When: August 18, 2011 2:00 – 4:00 PM EDT

Webinar Registration

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In This Issue:

» ARRA-WAP Delivers Again
» Federal Financing for Affordable Multifamily Green Retrofits
» 500,000th ARRA Home
» Webinars: Sustainable Communities Grant Program and Clean Energy Technologies for Communities

New EOS Resources: Financing Tools

Check out the new additions to our Financing Tools Series:

New Directions to Get to Our Goals and Employ our Workforce – WAP Agency Opportunities in HUD’s FY 2011 Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grant NOFA

Overview: Federal 2011 Financing for Affordable Multifamily Housing Green Retrofits

Over $300 Million in Federal Funds for State, Local, and Tribal Governments – August 2011 update

Heard a different unfamiliar financial term circulating in your W.A.P. networks? Send us an email, and get an explanation. (If we don’t know it, we’ll learn!)

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Are you just starting your leveraging efforts? has many resources to get you started:

The Resources You Need for Leveraging

Leveraged Programs: Models and Others

Data & Forecasts

Tools for Leveraging


Did you know there’s a useful site where all the important news about Weatherization is compiled? There is! It’s called WxPress – My Weatherization Front Page. Check it out!

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