October Newsletter 10, 2010 Volume 2, Issue 6

10, 2010 Volume 2, Issue 6

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Weatherization Keeps Hitting Its Targets

Production Total: As of September 1st, 221,621 ARRA units were completed, more than a third of all planned units
Production Rate:
June: over 32,000 completions
July: over 28,000 completions
August: just under 29,000 completions
Spending: $1.6 billion as of October 12.
41 of 54 states and territories qualify for the second half of their funds

DOE Shares Concerns About Quality, Need for Better Practices

At the recent NASCSP meeting, Weatherization’s Team Leader Bob Adams summarized quality assurance issues arising from DOE oversight, state monitoring, and Inspector General reports. Findings include:

Issue: Incomplete documentation of work and of the reasons for choosing/omitting measures.
Solutions: Be sure your workers take many pictures before, during, and after the job cleanup (but before leaving the site). Allow them time to do the paperwork but require written explanations if measures are skipped or added compared to a list or job order.

Issue: Spending more than the SIR justifies on energy measures (Users of priority lists are most at risk.)
Solution: Audit more of the homes to avoid disallowed costs.

Issue: Skipping measures: There are a very few legitimate reasons for choosing a lower-SIR measure over a higher one, yet too many homes have received more windows and less insulation.
Solution: Re-educate your workforce to the limited reasons, document the existence of one of the conditions that allow "skipping" in depth.

Issue: Poor Air Sealing: The "art" of W.A.P. work is really understanding the building as a system and sealing it appropriately. The network has too few "artists" for the demand, and quality assurance reviews reflect that fact.
Solution: Pause to get your auditor and inspector the highest level of training at a proven training facility. Reschedule their work so they inspect once when air sealing is in progress and can mentor the crew/contractors during the week. See our papers on Alaska and Wisconsin meeting quality challenges.


Free NASCSP Webinar on Using Social Media in your W.A.P. Program
Wednesday, October 20, 2010
2:00 PM to 3:00 PM Eastern

Communications experts from Douglas Gould & Company will share ways to use social media to raise awareness of weatherization and energy security. Participants will learn how social media can be integrated into an overall communications strategy, effective messages to employ across channels, and hear practical recommendations about staff and time allocation for a successful social media presence.

Register here.

Weatherizers Concerned About New Prohibition on Reimbursement for Call-Backs

DOE General Counsel ruled that once a unit is counted as complete, any call-back costs are not reimbursable. Many agencies assert that "legitimate" reasons for call-backs exist, including winter issues with furnaces repaired in summer, client confusion about new equipment, and monitors’ requests for additional measures. (No one disputes on paying for the same work only once.) EOS’s new staff will be supporting the national organizations in defining the impact of the ruling and crafting alternatives. If you are interested in joining a webinar/online-discussion to help, email e_nesson@opportunitystudies.org to be notified of the date.

EOS’s New Team Member

EOS is happy to announce Fred Stratton will be our ARRA Project Coordinator for Weatherization Management and Innovation Assistance. Fred has worked in the Tennessee State Energy Office for nearly two decades. His C.V. includes years managing utility efficiency programs, running his own energy services company, and service on a CAA Board in Bend, Oregon. He’ll be at the NCAF-CIF Conference, so stop and say hello!

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In This Issue:

» W.A.P. Hitting Targets
» Quality Control Issues
» NASCSP Webinar on Social Media for the W.A.P. Network
» President Praises W.A.P.

President Praises Weatherization

On September 28, President Obama spoke at a backyard discussion in New Mexico where a board member from Central New Mexico Housing Corporation thanked him for the Recovery Act Weatherization Program. Obama again stressed his commitment. Read the transcript or watch the video of the event.

Did you know…?

W.A.P. ranked 8th in jobs created and retained for ARRA projects in the 2nd quarter of 2010. Read NASCSP’s press release here.

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