March Newsletter 3, 2011 Volume 3, Issue 3

3, 2011 Volume 3, Issue 3

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FY 2011 ‘Regular’ Funds Remain In Doubt

HR1, the Continuing Resolution (CR) passed by the House of Representatives, is intended to fund the remaining months of federal FY 2011. It contains no funding for the Weatherization Assistance Program or the State Energy Program for the Program Year that begins April 1, 2011. The Senate and the Administration are opposing many of the cuts in that Bill, including these two. The President requested $250 million for the FY 2011 W.A.P., including $30 million for competitive "innovation" grants.

Because the current CR ends on Friday March 4, government operations would close without another bill. House and Senate leaders are now working out details of a two-week resolution. DOE W.A.P. and state programs are not cut in the interim draft Bill.

However, since PY 2011 W.A.P. funds remain unspent, they are tempting to budget cutters. State ARRA W.A.P. programs are expected to exhaust Recovery Act funds during the course of PY 2011. For FY 2012, President Obama requested $320 million for W.A.P. However, it includes $97 million for competitive innovation grants and only the same level, $220 million, requested for this year’s regular formula grants.

Weatherization Keeps Delivering

The most recent DOE Dashboard for Weatherization indicates that 75% of the ARRA funds have been released to the states, territories and tribal organizations, including 44 grantees that have qualified for the second half of funding. Over 55% of the planned units are completed. The units weatherized through 2010 breakdown into the following categories: 66% site built/single-family; 19% multi-family; and 15% mobile homes.

Green Job Growth and Sustainable Investments

In search of new opportunities at the February 8th and 9th fourth annual Good Jobs Green Jobs National Conference held in Washington, D.C.

Praised as the “nation’s leading forum sharing ideas and strategies to build a green economy that creates good jobs…,” the meeting brought together a mix of leaders from labor, environmental, business and technology sectors.

We heard state and local success stories about the emerging "green" developments in transportation, urban re-development, and workforce development programs, and we learned of model partnerships between government, the private sector and local organizations. Some may hold promise as models for post-ARRA ventures for Weatherizers, and EOS will be digging into the details to find ideas and partners that could leverage new W.A.P. resources.

More detail on the case studies, presenters and workshops on topics including clean energy, green workforce development, energy efficiency initiatives and sustainable investments can be found at the Conference Chronicle.

The Recovery Act project at EOS is responsible for identifying and pursing potential partners and resources that might be leveraged with future W.A.P. programs, linking local and state Weatherization organizations to opportunities and supporting Weatherizers and their associates in their leveraging initiatives.

Our newest staff addition is Nathan Warren, our Project Coordinator for Sustainable Resources (the long way of saying "Leveraging"). Nathan is a planner with training and experience in community development utility efficiency incentive programs and local government. Contact him with your ideas, questions, and requests for technical assistance regarding leveraging options that interest you.

Opportunities: Upcoming Conferences

NCAF Legislative Conference and Energy Symposium (Full) – March 8-12, Washington, DC

CIF/NCAF Energy Conference – October 23-28, St. Petersburg, FL

2011 National Weatherization Training Conference – December 13-15, New Orleans, LA

EERE Leadership Change

Cathy Zoi will be leaving her post as assistant secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) as of March 10. Ms. Zoi took the reins of EERE in the difficult days when ARRA programs were tangled in red tape and start-up challenges.

She leaves an expanded federal team that has managed ARRA projects over the dangerous upstream rapids and into a steady stream of well-performing, high-impact initiatives, including but not limited to Weatherization. Cathy Zoi’s team faced the greatest ARRA challenges; over half of all DOE-ARRA funds were EERE’s responsibility, or $16.665 billion. As she leaves, all but $1.1 million is allocated and 35% is spent out overall. W.A.P. spending makes up 41% of the funds outlaid. (30% of EERE ARRA funding is for the W.A.P., and 48% of it is spent.)

Zoi will be missed for her can-do attitude. As she said to our network in July 2010, "This is the beginning of an entire transformation to a clean energy economy, one in which every home in America can become energy efficient, and the Weatherization Assistance Program is leading the way."

Dr. Henry Kelly (bio) who is currently the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of EERE, will serve as Acting Assistant Secretary.

The Newsletter of Economic Opportunity Studies’ Weatherization PLUS Leveraging Partnership Project brings timely information about developments that expand the Weatherization Assistance Program to help your organization take advantage of emerging opportunities. Visit the Weatherization PLUS portal for more information.

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Discuss ‘Call-Back’ Strategies

We have talked to concerned state and local Weatherizers nationwide and collected ideas that may be possible solutions. Any of these that appeal to you will need to be hammered out with the state and all local agencies. We suggest using this list with your own additions, as the agenda for a state-local working group first meeting. This list and more details can be downloaded from our site.

Your comments and ideas are needed by colleagues everywhere. Please join the discussion on our Facebook page.

Know Your DOE Project Officer

DOE’s Project Management Centers oversee states’ Weatherization programs. We have posted a list of each federal officer by state they oversee as of 2/18/11 along with their contact information.

Great Survey Response! Thanks!

Last month, we forwarded DOE’s request that Weatherizers of all skill levels answer a survey to validate the work standards it is promulgating for the program and the industry.

Needed: More than 100 responses
Delivered: 483 Energy Auditors, 115 Crew Leaders, 107 Retrofit Installers, and 187 Quality Insurance Inspectors!

Thank you W.A.P. over-achievers again!

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