July Newsletter 7, 2010 Volume 2, Issue 5

7, 2010 Volume 2, Issue 5

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Must-Watch for Weatherizers: Obama Administration Thanks YOU!

DOE Assistant Secretary Cathy Zoi has posted an online video on the White House blog praising the Weatherization network for our successful ramp-up of  ARRA W.A.P. We urge all of you who receive this newsletter to be sure all of your W.A.P. colleagues – staff and contractors – pause for a short moment and see this well-deserved, high-level praise. Congratulations on earning this recognition!

To see Assistant Secretary Zoi’s video and blog click here.

Check out the Department of Energy’s new Twitter and Facebook accounts, as well as their new blog!


First of Many Congressional Decisions about FY 2011 W.A.P. Funding Boosts the Program Base

On July 15, the House Appropriations Energy and Water Subcommittee reported its Bill containing PY 2011 funding for W.A.P. and other DOE efficiency programs to the full Appropriations Committee. It contains more funding for the "regular" program than was appropriated this year and more than the President requested in his Budget.

Current FY 2010 funding is $210 million (of which $180 million was allocated by formula to the regular state-local program). The Administration’s FY 2011 request was $300 million. The House Energy and Water FY 2011 Appropriations Bill contains $340 million for W.A.P., a $130 million increase–or a 62% increase. Another Subcommittee reported the Labor-HHS-Education FY 2011 Bill, and LIHEAP is in it at $5.1 billion, the same as the current year. Many Weatherizers can expect similar levels of LIHEAP-WAP funding as at present.

The W.A.P. figure is unlikely to be the final number. In fact, we may be close to the April 1, 2011 PY start date before the Appropriations process concludes. Hill-watchers expect the two parties and the two chambers will be unable to agree on spending levels, so that the government will operate under short-term (until either November or February 2011) "Continuing Resolution" until a new Congress sets final numbers. As any newspaper reader knows, many Members of Congress and candidates are determined to cut spending on domestic "discretionary" programs like W.A.P. Almost two dozen states have spent nearly all their "regular" 2009 W.A.P. funds.



NCAF and General Motors partner to offer $500 discount on vehicles for all W.A.P. agencies as well as CAAs
Purchase or lease an eligible, new 2009, 2010 or 2011 model year Chevrolet, Buick, or GMC passenger car, light-duty truck, van or SUV, and take advantage of this private offer of $500 off.

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» Administration Thanks W.A.P.
» Congressional Decision on FY 2011 W.A.P. – First of Many
» Opportunity: GM Vehicle Discount

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