August Newsletter 8, 2010 Volume 2, Issue 6

8, 2010 Volume 2, Issue 6

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ARRA WAP Exceeding Goals with Over 30,000 Homes Weatherized in June

WAP Ranks 8th of 200 Programs in ARRA Job Creation with 13,000

ARRA Weatherization production rates are now exceeding the optimal run rates according to new numbers released by DOE. With over 31,600 homes weatherized in June, the program had its most productive month ever.

Read NASCSP’s press release here.

See the state breakdown of homes weatherized through June here.


DOE Awards High-Performing WAP Agencies Innovation Grants

$90 Million Awarded to 100+ Agencies to Implement Cutting-Edge Technologies

The Department of Energy announced on August 19 the recipients of ARRA-funded Weatherization innovation grants that will allow about 100 agencies in 27 states to implement cutting-edge energy efficiency measures along with their WAP measures to further lower energy bills. Nearly $90 millon will go to high-performing Weatherization agencies that have already their production milestones. An additional $30 million will fund 16 recipients that will demonstrate other innovative approaches such as new financial models, workforce training, and volunteer engagement.

The cutting-edge technologies to be demonstrated by the WAP agencies include:

  • Solar heating systems,
  • Solar photovoltaic panels and shingles,
  • Small-scale wind turbines,
  • New insulation technologies,
  • Tankless hot water systems,
  • High efficiency appliances and combination boilers,
  • In-home energy monitors, and
  • Ductless heat pump systems.


Read the full announcement from DOE here.

See the full list of grantees here.

National Residential Retrofit Guidelines


Read the Overview of the National Residential Retrofit Guidelines here.

Website Launched for National Retrospective WAP Evaluation


Visit the evaluation site.


2010 National Community Action Foundation &
Community Investment Futures Energy Conference

The NCAF/CIF Energy Conference will be held in St. Petersburg, Florida from October 24-29. They are still accepting registrants, and we strongly recommend that Weatherization staff, especially those who would be involved in leveraging funds, attend this useful meeting.

Why does leveraging matter?

Leveraging matters because, even though the Weatherization Assistance Program currently has ARRA funds with which to provide services, these funds are not here to stay! It is of critical importance that the W.A.P. network continue to seek new partnerships and funding opportunities to prepare for the end of ARRA.


  • Energy Markets 101 for Program Staff
  • Media Skills: Use Energy and Housing Messages That Persuade
  • Starting New Leveraging Initiatives
  • LIHEAP Beyond the Band-Aid! A Tool for Family Development
  • Weatherizers’ Favorite Utility-Weatherization Partnerships: Replicable, Tested Models
  • The Most-Extensive-Ever Leveraged Utility Partnership in the W.A.P. Network!
  • Panel: Future Financing for Weatherization
  • Panel: The Future of LIHEAP
  • Panel: Green Jobs as a Pathway out of Poverty?
  • Panel: The Changing Utility Market and the Issues that Consumers’ Advocates Must Now Address
  • Partnerships for Multifamily Building Weatherization:
  • Model Bill Affordability Programs: How IS “PIPP” Working? What to Advocate For
  • Energy Consumer Education-a new look
  • Panel: Imagine Sustainable Community Energy Resources
  • Community-Owned Renewable Energy – How to Build a Partnership, Secure Financing and Provide Power to your Community’s Homes and Businesses.
  • Calvert Foundation: What is the Calvert Foundation and How Can My CAA Qualify for an Investment?
  • Asset Development 101
  • Financial Social Work Credential – Part II
  • Healthy Homes and Schools – Leveraging Resources into Re-building
  • Urban Agriculture
  • Peer to Peer


  • Panel: Cost Effectiveness in WAP and Utility Programs: Fiction? Essential? Outdated? Incomplete?
  • Guaranteeing that Tenants Benefit from W.A.P.
  • How to Advocate for New Utility Payment and Efficiency Partnerships at Regulatory Commissions
  • Selling WAP ‘s Carbon Reductions: How will it work? What Will they Be Worth?
  • Standards and Credentials for the Building Retrofit Industry & What DOE is Developing
  • Who Wants A Dumb Grid? (And Why the Smart Meter Attached to it May Be a Dumb Idea for Small Consumers)
  • Community-Wide Energy Initiatives: The Promise/the Reality/the
  • LIHEAP and Asset Development: Contradiction or Perfect Match?
  • Matchmaking Session: What Habitat for Humanity and Rebuilding Together can Offer as Partners with Your WAP and Housing Programs.
  • The States, the Federal Government and the Future of Low-Income Energy Partnerships
  • Renewable and Efficient Energy Investment Partnerships for Community and Agency Facilities
  • Media Skills: Messaging after a publicity “Crisis’
  • Energy Service Micro-Enterprise Development – One answer to the Post-ARRA environment
  • Coastal CAA’s Wind Farm
  • CAA Energy Business – Models and Purposes

Plenaries and Special Sessions

  • Speaker: Is the Green Economy Dream Still Possible? (And should CAAs invest deeply in training a green collar workforce and starting green microenterprises?) — One of the originators of the concept, now an internationally acclaimed advisor on green economic development, shares the newest analysis that supports the strategy.
  • Speaker: Realistic Energy Futures and their Impact on US Energy Consumers — The leader of a major think tank offers a high-level overview of probable energy futures and the effect each would have on our communities, consumers and investment strategies.
  • Preparing Your Post-ARRA Strategies — An interactive session introducing the methods of Appreciative Inquiry to lay the groundwork for strategic planning. The concluding segment is scheduled for Wed.
  • Financial Social Work — In this session, you will learn how incorporating education, motivation and ongoing support contribute to personal and financial success. Additionally, Reeta will provide specific steps to help your staff to better understand the fundamental issues and behaviors which are the underpinning of poverty and financial problems and how to address the foundational issues of creating sustainable, long-term financial behavioral change: because until and unless behavior changes – NOTHING changes!
  • Speaker: The Administration’s Housing and Urban Development Path to “Green”

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In This Issue:

» ARRA WAP Exceeds Goals
» DOE Announces Innovation Grant Recipients
» National Residential Retrofit Guidelines
» New National Weatherization Evaluation Website

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