Did You Know? Weatherization Assistance is, or was recently, a $959 Million Program!

The EOS Leveraged Partnerships Project tracks non-federal resources and LIHEAP that are coordinated with WAP by state or local WAP agencies.  In calendar year 2013, we estimate that the network delivered services with over $959 million. Along with about $237 million in DOE base funds from various years and ARRA closeout, $332.6 million came from utility ratepayer-funded initiatives and greenhouse gas exchanges; $321.7 million was from LIHEAP transfers and $68 million from states’ tax or fee revenues. The graph below shows the contribution from each source.

While the leveraged funding sources are generally continuing or growing in 2014,  shrinkage in WAP funding and delays mean that the calendar year spending may drop by over $100 million, leaving WAP at about 15% of the integrated programs.

The experience of managing multiple sources and uses of energy retrofit funds is not shared nationwide.  Some state’s local agencies have ten-fold leveraged funds to WAP or even more, while some other states have less funding from leveraged funds than from WAP. EOS will soon be publishing a more in-depth look at the variety of practices and experiences with winning , managing and keeping leveraged funds in the post-ARRA environment.

June 9, 2014 Newsletter

New Video!
"Talking Leveraging"

Conversations with Illinois regulatory commissioner John T. Colgan [Formerly of the Illinois Community Action Association] about advocating for affordable energy policies and leveraging those policies into new partnerships and resources. He explains how and why Weatherizers and their community Action partners must stay engaged and looks at some of the issues utility regulators must decide these days.

John T. Colgan 4-part interview

WAP Update : A Regulator's Guidance
(May 2014 - Newsletter)

Update on Weatherization’s Federal Funding

As Congress begins to consider the 2015 Budget, DOE is working on the distribution of recent appropriations.  A number of states will run a combined 2013-2014 program, so that funding flow may be higher on a monthly basis in those states if the program runs for less than 24 months due to a late start.


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